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It has certainly been awhile since things in my life have settled down a bit.  The AP exams are over, finals are in sight, and well, not much else.  This summer, I have some plans already, so I am looking forward to Summer 2010~

On another note, like Ying and Yang, there is a positive and negative.  What can I say?  My goals seem to be in reach, but I’m not feeling as accomplished as I believe I should feel.  This has been quite a year.  I’ve never been tested so much in my life before… test in Psychology, test in U.S. History, test in PreCalc, test of friendship, test of endurance, test of luck, test of pain, etc.

All I need right now is some time.  Time away from my “friends” and this whole… environment.  I need to figure out what I am ultimately seeking in life… and where I am going.

A new beginning… that’s what I’m really striving for.  I thought the New Year would bring me one… not even… I mean, I thought I had one.  But I was very wrong because I’m still in this old life… this old dream.  I need to get away… far away and start anew.  Is graduation soon?  Yes, it is… but not mine.

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