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Yesterday was a really good day for me!  I was so excited that I did not even have a chance to blog on here about the wonderful news I was hit with…


Woo!  Haha I was typing up something and had to go on google for a second.  And then… in my inbox (which shows up on my iGoogle homepage), I saw an email from the program I applied to.  I opened it… and I WAS ACCEPTED! heheheh I made it to being one of the 100 finalists!  Yay!  Now I’m officially going to Seoul for the first time in my life!  This is going to be so so exciting!  I am so happy that I’ve been blessed with this opportunity!  Thank you God!  🙂

Omgzzz now for all the prep work… lol I’m so happy that I can’t wipe the goofy smile off my face… I really must look like a fool when I walk out of the house.

Lalala~ I can’t wait for this experience to live the Korean culture, breathe the Korean air.  I really need to get my excitement out so that I can make room for organization and rational thinking in my brain.

Oh, how fun this will be!  (As you can see, I’m still not quite over this initial shock that they… accepted me.)  I’m definitely going to take many pictures and share my adventures on here as well as my tumblr site.  Finally, my travel category will be able to expand!  kekeke… Oi, I’m so excited!

So, please subscribe if you want to experience Korea with me this summer!  All you have to do is find the little subscribe button on the sidebar and add your email to keep yourself updated!  There will be lots of cool stuff, GUARANTEED. 😀  I usually tend to be clumsy, so maybe that’ll keep everything comical if you like funny stuff. 😦

And one last thing.  I’d like to make it a point that if I am truly blessed, as I believe I am right now, I will meet Kyuhyun… up-close…  *melts into a little puddle*

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So. This Heechul… I don’t like him one bit!  A;LDKFJEOUR!

He… he… acts and dresses so womanly, and get this!  He thinks he can kiss any guy he wants!  Yet, he claims he’s not gay and has a girlfriend… psshhttt that is bologna!

See, the other day, I was cruising around YouTube, and then one of the videos was titled “Heechul and Siwon Kiss.”  Being a little curious, I clicked it and that led me to a whole string of these Heechul and  _________ kiss videos!  The worst part of it all was that he slobbered his mouth all over Kyuhyun, Henry, and Hankyung (Han Geng)!!!!!!!  Those are 3 out of 4 of my favorite Super Junior members!  gahhh!!!!!  Why Heechul?  Why must you do this to me Heechul?!!?!?!?!?!

The only thing that comforted me was the one video where Heechul tried to kiss Donghae (the 4th SuJu member that I like) and Donghae actually had the guts to MOVE AWAY from the man… or woman… whatever Heechul is.

DANGGGGG…..  I haven’t been able to get those images of Heechul’s kissing moments with my fav SJ members out of my head!  It’s making me sick!… for real… I started gagging at the thought today!  Omgzzz… Ewww…. especially Kyu!  He’s my favorite of the favorites and Heechul slobbered all over his cute face!  😦


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Food Fuels My Life

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My hair is starting to get long and quite shaggy.  I haven’t had it snipped since… awhile ago.  So, I think it is about time to get it trimmed and fixed so that I look less like a wild beast with a shaggy poofball of hair.  I found a few pics of hairstyles that I really like.  Here they are:

This one here is Goo Hye Sun.  I think her hair looks pretty nice.  It’s short, but not too short and it’s a carefree sort of look.  I like, I like!


Charlene Choi’s hairdo is one that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now.  It’s like perfect… only it doesn’t really have that extra oomf to it.  But nevertheless, I’m still highly considering this do.  I think it would be perfect with my face… but then again, that’s me talking about me, so I wouldn’t really know.


Horikita Maki… after her hair grew out from the boy cut she received when she played a boy in Hana Kimi Japan, it became a very choppy and cute cut.  The thing I like about this one is that it has an edge to it.  Yet, it’s not boyish, it’s still girlish.  Yea…

So, for now, I’m considering all three… maybe I’ll find more pics of hairstyles I like soon.  In the case that I do, I’ll post pics up here!  Stay tuned!

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It has certainly been awhile since things in my life have settled down a bit.  The AP exams are over, finals are in sight, and well, not much else.  This summer, I have some plans already, so I am looking forward to Summer 2010~

On another note, like Ying and Yang, there is a positive and negative.  What can I say?  My goals seem to be in reach, but I’m not feeling as accomplished as I believe I should feel.  This has been quite a year.  I’ve never been tested so much in my life before… test in Psychology, test in U.S. History, test in PreCalc, test of friendship, test of endurance, test of luck, test of pain, etc.

All I need right now is some time.  Time away from my “friends” and this whole… environment.  I need to figure out what I am ultimately seeking in life… and where I am going.

A new beginning… that’s what I’m really striving for.  I thought the New Year would bring me one… not even… I mean, I thought I had one.  But I was very wrong because I’m still in this old life… this old dream.  I need to get away… far away and start anew.  Is graduation soon?  Yes, it is… but not mine.

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