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Recently, I joined the hype in something known as “microblogging.”  It has the same concept as traditional blogging… only microblogging is a shorter version of a blog- literally.  Microblogs are smaller in size b/c they contain short sentence fragments, a video, or pics.  In a way, it’s like a facebook status update in blog form.  Weird, huh?

Since the growing popularity of microblogs, there have been Jaiku, Qaiku, Tumblr, Twitter, Pownce (now closed and the creators switched to Six Apart), among others.  I haven’t experimented with microblogging too much… so far, I’m only a registered user of Tumblr, which may I say that I love? 😀

I totally think that microblogging is my thing!  After using Tumblr for a few days, I’ve realized that I love the conciseness of it all- it’s who I am and how I think: in bits and pieces.  It’s like giving my readers a small dose of my life- all day, everyday.  Another plus about Tumblr is the freedom it gives you to customize.  For instance, I can change my domain whenever I want and to whatever I want.  There is also the option of putting audio up- something I’m disappointed wordpress still doesn’t offer to its non-premium users.  I would love to share my taste in music with others who are interested… but I’m not given that opportunity on wordpress, which highly disappoints me.

However, do not get me wrong, I still love wordpress very much.  And I definitely intend on keeping my wordpress and being active on it… it’s just that I’ll have to split my posts on Tumblr too…  Whenever I want to “quickshare”, I’ll pop a post on Tumblr… and when I feel like there is a serious issue I want to discuss in detail, I’ll make a stop on wordpress.  And then if something is really important to me, I’ll share it on both Tumblr and wordpress.  Fair?  Heheh  well, if any of you are interested, you can click hereto link to my Tumblr microblog.  It’s pretty cool, so check it out and maybe you’ll find yourself signing up~

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