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Honestly, I’m not feeling so hot right now.  I guess I’ll believe it now when people say that you can “make” yourself sick… because I apparently did.  There is a ton on my plate right now and I think by weakening my immune system, it makes everything that much worse.  Here, take a look at my math equation for my health:

Overwork + Wearing shorts Monday morning @ 52 degrees = Sickness


But I’ll just have to deal with my sickness along with my allergies.  So do NOT, I repeat, do NOT piss me off in this time right now.  I’ll smack you silly over a small thing because I’m just not in the mood for games and such.  I feel crappy enough without any trouble…

Anyway, I became obsessed with Taeyang during the time that I was NOT blogging lol.  He’s sooooo hawwwttt and sings so, so beautifully… 🙂  I included a slideshow of Taeyang for you guys here:

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Third topic I wanted to address a little was the fact that I may be starting my own Asian-American Student Union next year at my school (at the high school level).  It’s still in the process of being approved, so I don’t want to say that anything is definite right now.  However, the initiation seems to be on a good start, and hopefully I’ll be able to get the organization going for next September.  I’m really into this idea and ready to take Asian pride to a new level! 😉  Wish me luck with everything… I’ll be updating on my progress with the AASU and once things get approved, perhaps I’ll start by getting a facebook group started and making my outline of the activities public.  Yay~!

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