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Recently, I joined the hype in something known as “microblogging.”  It has the same concept as traditional blogging… only microblogging is a shorter version of a blog- literally.  Microblogs are smaller in size b/c they contain short sentence fragments, a video, or pics.  In a way, it’s like a facebook status update in blog form.  Weird, huh?

Since the growing popularity of microblogs, there have been Jaiku, Qaiku, Tumblr, Twitter, Pownce (now closed and the creators switched to Six Apart), among others.  I haven’t experimented with microblogging too much… so far, I’m only a registered user of Tumblr, which may I say that I love? 😀

I totally think that microblogging is my thing!  After using Tumblr for a few days, I’ve realized that I love the conciseness of it all- it’s who I am and how I think: in bits and pieces.  It’s like giving my readers a small dose of my life- all day, everyday.  Another plus about Tumblr is the freedom it gives you to customize.  For instance, I can change my domain whenever I want and to whatever I want.  There is also the option of putting audio up- something I’m disappointed wordpress still doesn’t offer to its non-premium users.  I would love to share my taste in music with others who are interested… but I’m not given that opportunity on wordpress, which highly disappoints me.

However, do not get me wrong, I still love wordpress very much.  And I definitely intend on keeping my wordpress and being active on it… it’s just that I’ll have to split my posts on Tumblr too…  Whenever I want to “quickshare”, I’ll pop a post on Tumblr… and when I feel like there is a serious issue I want to discuss in detail, I’ll make a stop on wordpress.  And then if something is really important to me, I’ll share it on both Tumblr and wordpress.  Fair?  Heheh  well, if any of you are interested, you can click hereto link to my Tumblr microblog.  It’s pretty cool, so check it out and maybe you’ll find yourself signing up~

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Honestly, I’m not feeling so hot right now.  I guess I’ll believe it now when people say that you can “make” yourself sick… because I apparently did.  There is a ton on my plate right now and I think by weakening my immune system, it makes everything that much worse.  Here, take a look at my math equation for my health:

Overwork + Wearing shorts Monday morning @ 52 degrees = Sickness


But I’ll just have to deal with my sickness along with my allergies.  So do NOT, I repeat, do NOT piss me off in this time right now.  I’ll smack you silly over a small thing because I’m just not in the mood for games and such.  I feel crappy enough without any trouble…

Anyway, I became obsessed with Taeyang during the time that I was NOT blogging lol.  He’s sooooo hawwwttt and sings so, so beautifully… 🙂  I included a slideshow of Taeyang for you guys here:

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Third topic I wanted to address a little was the fact that I may be starting my own Asian-American Student Union next year at my school (at the high school level).  It’s still in the process of being approved, so I don’t want to say that anything is definite right now.  However, the initiation seems to be on a good start, and hopefully I’ll be able to get the organization going for next September.  I’m really into this idea and ready to take Asian pride to a new level! 😉  Wish me luck with everything… I’ll be updating on my progress with the AASU and once things get approved, perhaps I’ll start by getting a facebook group started and making my outline of the activities public.  Yay~!

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OMG.  Have you ever thought about how cute Bento boxes are?  I can’t help but love those things!  Haha,,, I mean, they’re a great way to brighten up a person’s lunch!  Come on, no one can turn a smile away from a Bento box, especially when it’s made so adorably.  And you can just tell that they are made with love!  Lol…  Like, if you ever go to East Asia, Bentos (便當) are extremely popular.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (or if you do, for that matter), well, Bento boxes are a huge aspect of Asian culture because they have all the nutrients we need for lunch in them, *cough cough* by that, I mean it has a huge amount of rice in it 😉 .   It keeps us full and it’s uber tasty!  Yea, well, while we’re at it, we like to make it all cute and fancy… And originally it was made by parents for their children because the adults wanted the kids to have a good lunch so that they would do better in school (good logic, no?).  But nowadays, the tradition has passed onto making it for someone you love in general!  For example, sometimes a girl will make it for her boyfriend or someone she likes… or, a girl may make it for a good friend she is close with.

The point is that Bentos have become a symbol of love (familial or … that other kind of love).  It’s a way for people to express their love and a way to brighten up another person’s lunch.  People always say that food is the best medicine when you feel down… Bentos are the answer- kawaii and delicious… Who can deny such a box? 😀

P.S.- I’m hungry for Bento boxes lol… I think I’ll start making some for myself to bring to school for lunch… Nom Nom Nom…

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Finally, the weather is taking a beautiful turn.  I’m sick of looking at rain, wind, and darkness.  The temperature is rising and spring is beginning to bloom.  Amazing… 😉

However, I also kind of dread the arrival of Spring…..  I have mad allergies. XP  O dear, every year when pollen begins to disperse throughout the air, my suffering begins.  There is nothing worse than having itchy, watery eyes, sneeze attacks all the time, a stuffy nose, and a weakened immune system.  Sounds horrible, eh?  Imagine getting the worst of the worst of these symptoms!  And it sucks that AP season is in the midst of it all! (as are SAT II’s and finals, and regents exams)

Can you imagine trying to study for exams while fighting allergies?!  For the past few years, I’ve spent more time trying to widen my eyes and get rid of the water and itch than actually studying!  It’s absolutely painful!  And I remember last year when I was practicing an exam for AP World, every time I dropped my head a little lower to look at the page, my nose clogged up!  Tissues left and right and drippy, red eyes.  O gosh, and it doesn’t help that I live in a community where there are a lot of trees.  It’s nice, sure, but not when they start to bloom.

Then when allergy season is finally over, Autumn comes and lifts away every piece of leaf.  That means that during the Spring, my misery starts all over again,,, and again,,, and again,,, and so on….


Onto other topics, LOL, because I’m sure you don’t want to hear me whining about sucky allergies for an entire post (I can do that actually 😦 ), let’s talk about summer jobs.  Yes, the time has come for me to get a job so that I can contribute to my college tuition.  O everything seems to go so fast now!  In 1 more year, I’ll be in college… that’s just crazy…  And now, I’m already looking for a job!  gahhhhh~  Since I don’t have prior experience in working, I’m going to have to start small.  The  question is, where?  Well, I’m hoping to counsel kids… that’s for one.  I’ve already began the application process so no worries there…  Okay, but since many kids are looking for jobs right now, I might not even get a counseling job!  That’s not the important thing though… I kinda hope to tutor.

The only thing is that I don’t know where to begin to look for kids who need tutors over the summer.  I mean, I can soooo tutor kids for the English, Math, or World History regents exams… or just those subjects in general.  But where do I find these kids who need my tutoring?!  Most likely, these parents will find professional tutors, such as from companies or professors.  Therefore, I’m offering low rates (haven’t decided yet, but I’m considering $15 per hour) for temporary tutoring over the summer.  You know?  If a parent wants to save money and just boost up their child’s grades a little bit, I can totally do that!  *sigh*

If you are reading this post, help me spread the word that I can tutor over the summer!  Pleassseeee~!  And if you or anyone you know needs a tutor, let me know!  Leave me a comment on this post and I’ll talk with you further about this… Thankees 🙂

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